We are excited to announce that the United States Secretary of Education honored St. Raymond School as a 2019 national winner of the Blue Ribbon award!  St. Raymond School is one of ONLY 50 private schools in the country to receive the award for its academic excellence!

This Blue Ribbon award recognizes St. Raymond School as an Exemplary High Performing School, which means that we are among the highest performing schools as measured by state assessments and nationally-normed tests.

There are many hands, minds, and talents to thank for the work associated with the Blue Ribbon application, and we would like to take a moment to show our appreciation for the following members of the Blue Ribbon committee for assembling information, writing, and submitting the lengthy application for this year’s award:

Mrs. Cathy Hart
Mrs. Patricia Skowera
Mrs. Shanna Mitchell
Mrs. Kathy Goldberg
Mrs. Lori Smithe
Mrs. Colleen Cunningham
Mrs. Anna Stidham
Mrs. Kirsty Anzalone
Mrs. Lisa Eckert
Mrs. Maureen Hart
Mr. Art Scheller

We are also very proud of our hardworking, dedicated, and talented staff and students for all of the work they do help make St. Raymond School successful in many ways.  And we also would like to thank our parent community for their consistent support in making St. Raymond School stand out.

To celebrate this honor, the students will enjoy “blue” activities throughout the following week, and this November, representatives from St. Raymond School are invited to Washington D.C. to receive the award and be recognized.

To see a list of all of the award recipients, please visit The U.S. Department of Education’s website: https://www2.ed.gov/programs/nclbbrs/index.html

And visit our school’s award profile page here: https://nationalblueribbonschools.ed.gov/awardwinners/winning/19il110pv_saint_raymond_school.html

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Congratulations everyone and GO SAINTS!