We are getting close to our goal!  Help us reach it!

With the help of our professional fundraising partner Orange Ruler, the SRS Athletic Association and FSA are hosting the 2019-20 St. Raymond School Fun Run-Walk.

Register your child or children by going to orangeruler.com/signup.

To donate to St. Raymond School and NOT a specific classroom, please follow this link: https://app.orangeruler.com/pledge/programs/250.  Funds submitted through this link will be spread among all classrooms.

If you or family members are donating through checks or cash, Turn-In day is Tuesday, 10/22/19.  Donations will still be collected ONLINE through the 10/25.

We hope to raise $50,000 for the school’s technology and science curriculum:

  • technology investments including additional iPads and laptops
  • improvements to our wireless network which will enhance mobility for both students and staff
  • modern science curriculum for grades 3-8 aligned with Next Generation science standards

Fun Run-Walk Uniform and Schedule

Students may wear SRS Spirtwear/SRS top or SRS gym shirt with their uniform gym sweatpants or SRS Spiritwear flannel pants (NO LEGGINGS, JEANS, ETC.).

FUN RUN Schedule

8:45-9:20 – Grades 6-8 (Parents are welcome to come and watch)

9:20-9:55 – Grades PS-1 (Parents are welcome to come and walk with their student)

9:55-10:30 – Grades 2-5 (Parents are welcome to come and watch)

Please see the letter below for more information!

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