Uniform Guidelines

St. Raymond School Dress Code 2019-2020

Saint Raymond students are expected to follow the stated guidelines concerning our daily dress code unless otherwise authorized by the administration. Adherence to the dress code is the parent’s and child’s responsibility. The administration has final authority on all dress code issues including, but not limited to, the following dress code. All students in kindergarten through eighth grade must adhere to the School Uniform Policy, except when the administration has declared an “out of uniform” day.

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Daily Dress Code

• Grades K-2 uniform plaid jumper or black uniform pants

• Grades 3-5 uniform plaid skirt or black uniform pants

• Grades 6-7-8 uniform black skirt or black uniform pants

• White uniform approved blouse, red or white (long or short sleeved) polo shirt, or the uniform turtleneck shirt in either white or red

• Dennis uniform sweatshirt or uniform red or black fleece vest or jacket with the jumper or the slacks

• Black or white cuffed socks, knee high socks, tights or solid black straight leggings worn under the uniform skirt/jumper (with cuffed sock)

• Solid color black shoes. No more than a one inch heel. A logo can be on the shoe. The logo must be smaller than two inches high by two inches wide. Logo must not be bright, fluorescent or take up the entire shoe. Soles of shoes still must be black.

• Outdoor jackets, hooded sweatshirts or Spiritwear MAY NOT be worn as part of the daily dress code.

• Uniform black slacks

• White or red polo shirt (long or short sleeved) or uniform turtleneck shirt in either white or red

• Uniform sweatshirt or uniform red or black fleece vest or jacket is allowed

• Black or white socks

• Solid color black shoes – see note in “Girls” column

Gym Days

• Saint Raymond gym uniforms must be purchased through Dennis Uniform

• Red logo gym t-shirt 

• Black logo gym shorts or black logo gym sweatpants

• Must wear socks. Any color athletic sock may be worn on gym days.

• Non-marking gym shoes

• Same as girls
Out of Uniform: Jeans Day/Spirit Day

• Denim Jeans (any color)

• Spiritwear pants or uniform gym pants

• Black logo uniform gym shorts or black logo gym sweatpants

St. Raymond Spiritwear top (Spiritwear is considered any top with the St. Raymond name on it)

• Solid t-shirt St. Raymond Colors (red, black and white)

• Dark leggings or stretch pants may be worn with a long shirt or tunic only

• Shoes and socks according to the daily dress code

• No non-uniform sweatpants, basketball pants or shorts

• Same as girls
Out of Uniform: Athletic Team/Club Recognition Day

• Team/club uniform top

• Uniform skirt, pants or gym pants

• Shoes and socks according to the daily dress code

• Same as girls

General Guidelines

Personal Appearance

• Hair should not hang at eye level to obstruct vision

• Make-up, jewelry and hair color that is deemed distracting is not allowed

• Hats are not allowed to be worn inside the building at any time

• All items of clothing must be sized to fit, not oversized, undersized or skin-tight

• All shirts or blouses (excluding the girl’s banded blouse) must be tucked into slacks or skirts at all times

• All pants must come down to the top of the ankle, be worn at the waist, hemmed and not touch the floor

• Shorts must be worn at the waist and hems may not be rolled

• The hems of skirts, jumpers and shorts must be no higher than two inches above the knee

• Red, white or grey short sleeve t-shirts may be worn under polo shirts

• T-shirts must be free from any graphics or lettering and may not hang out from the outer garment at hemline or sleeve. T-shirts must be tucked in

• Long-sleeve t-shirts may not be worn under short sleeve polo shirts

• Socks are to be worn at all times. Socks must be visible with shoes. No “no show” socks

• Plain, unadorned, solid black belts may be worn

• The following items must be purchased through Dennis Uniform Company: gym t-shirt, gym shorts, gym sweatpants, plaid jumpers, skirts (black & plaid), girl’s cardigan sweater, logo uniform sweatshirt, logo black or red fleece jacket or vest, logo white or red turtlenecks.

What is Not Allowed for Both Girls and Boys

• Shirts, sweaters, vests or sweatshirts with decorative beads or sequins

• Shirts worn inside out

• Sweaters, sweatshirts or shirts tied around the waist

• Outdoor jackets or sweatshirts are not to be worn during school hours

• Hooded sweatshirts or sweaters unless it is an out of uniform day

• Basketball pants or shorts

• Open-back, slip-on shoes; slides, clogs, sandals, Crocs-type or heelys.

• Make-up, jewelry or body piercing that is considered a distraction to the instructional day

• Hats while in the school building

• Hair color or hair length that is considered a distraction to the normal teaching day

Gym Uniform
All students will wear gym uniforms to school on their designated gym days. Our gym uniform must be purchased through the Dennis Uniform Company and consists of a red logo t-shirt, black logo shorts, and black gym pants. Only Dennis Uniform open leg sweatpants or closed bottom black sweat pants may be worn on gym days. These gym pants are to be worn over the uniform shorts, except during gym class. All students K-8 may wear uniform gym shorts or uniform gym pants to school on gym days before October 15 and after April 15. Gym pants may not be worn in conjunction with the uniform skirts or jumpers. No “tear-away” pants are allowed. Any non-marking gym shoe may be worn only with the gym uniform.