Liturgical Music Ministry

Beginning in 6th Grade, students can join Saint Raymond School’s Liturgical Music Ministry where they lead the school in musical worship during school liturgies.  Students can choose to sing and/or play instruments, adding vibrancy to the liturgies. In addition, there are opportunities to cantor a song from the cantor stand if a student wishes to do so.  This often will involve additional practice at home with music and a recording so that they are prepared to lead the song. By participating in this program, students encourage their peers to actively participate in the Mass through sung prayer.  If a student is on the list for any given liturgy, they are asked to attend one rehearsal during recess at lunch, usually the week before the liturgy. They also must come to church the day of the liturgy, 20 minutes before start time, to warm up and practice.  Instrumentalists usually will practice separately from the singers, and they will meet once or twice before the day of the mass to practice. The students learn how their voice/instrument can make a difference in the faith-life of our community, and many have gained great confidence in getting up in front of others and sharing their gift.  Regular attendees of weekday masses at St. Raymond have also commented on what a difference this ministry makes in helping our liturgies truly come alive.