Guidelines and Important Information

eLearning Guidelines (3/30/20)

Please see the letter for eLearning guidelines from Ms. Ward

i-Ready Guidelines

Teachers will be providing your students and families information regarding e-learning procedures and assignments.  All students have been given their i-Ready login usernames and passwords to take home with them. Students can access i-Ready via the web ( or via the app to download through Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

Students in grades K-5 have only accessed i-Ready via the app on our school iPads.  Please provide guidance if you have them work on the computer. Students in grades K-1 must click on the blue “K-1 Card Login” button.  All other grades login normally via the portal. Grades 6-8 have used both Macs and iPads to access the program.  

Teachers in grades 4 through 8 will be communicating via Google Classroom. 

There are additional links that your teachers may use on the St. Raymond Quick Links page.

i-Ready Diagnostic Information
Teacher Communication Guidelines (3/14/20)

Please see the letter from Ms. Ward regarding communication guidelines during eLearning

Coronavirus Talking Points and Parent Tip Sheets

Discussion resources and support for how to talk to your children about the Coronavirus and how to help your children cope with changes in routine at home and at school:

eLearning Resources

Daily Prayer and Pledge

Good Morning St. Raymond Saints!  Though we are all at home during this time, we can still come together in prayer and pledge.  Join us in the morning announcements!

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Socializing, Communication, and Virtual Playdates
TV Shows and Movies

Common Sense Media: List of Family Movies
Common Sense Media: List of TV Shows for Kids
We Are Teachers: List of Educational Shows on Amazon Prime
We Are Teachers: List of Educational Shows on Hulu

Family Resources