As the temperatures continue to lower, please remember to dress your children each school day for outdoor recess, including hats, gloves, winter coats, etc.  Students will go outside for recess unless the weather does not permit.  When snow is on the ground, please remind your student in 1st-8th grade that they should remain on the blacktop for recess and not play in or touch the snow mounds in the parking lot.  For Preschool and Kindergarten students, please follow directions from the homeroom teacher regarding snow boots/clothing to bring each day for outdoor play.

The temperature guidelines for outdoor recess are:

  • If temperature/windchill is 15 degrees F or warmer, outdoor recess follows the daily schedule
  • If temperature/windchill is 5 to 15 degrees F, recess time outside will be adjusted
  • If temperature/windchill is below 5 degrees F, students will remain indoors for recess

School Closing Procedures

As the winter season approaches, it is important to review our process of closing the school with our families.  St. Raymond School will close when District 57 closes for weather-related issues.  Lincoln Middle School serves as St. Raymond School’s emergency evacuation location.  If District 57 is closed, there is no immediate access to Lincoln Middle School.  We will use our website (, School Rush, Facebook, and automated phone calls to alert families if our school is closed.


When we do close, we will use E-Learning days.  Homeroom teachers will communicate with you via School Rush regarding assignments in grades K-8.  
As always, you do have the right as a parent to keep your child home if you have a weather concern about traveling to or from school.  St. Raymond School puts the safety of our students and staff as the number one priority.