School Tuition

School Tuition Rates 2019-2020



(10 months)

(12 months)

3yr Preschool
2  1/2 days
$1,915 $191.50 $159.58
Multi-age Preschool
3  1/2 days
$2,550 $255.00 $212.50
Multi-age Preschool
5  1/2 days
$3,660 $366.00 $305.00
Multi-age Preschool
5  Full days
$7,100* $710.00 $591.67
½ day Kindergarten $3,270 $327.00 $272.50
Full day Kindergarten $6,460 $646.00 $538.33
1st-8th Grades (1 child rate) $5,102 $510.20 $425.17

*Rate includes non-academic portion of: $3,440

1st – 8th Grade Multiple Child Tuition Rates

Participating Parishioner Multiple Child Rates


0 months)

(12 months)

2 children  (Grades 1-8) $8,442 $844.20 $703.50
3 children  (Grades 1-8) $11,475 $1,147.50 $956.25
4 children  (Grades 1-8) $12,946 $1,294.60 $1,078.83


FACTS Tuition Admin Fee $40/Family  (no charge for annual 1x payments)
Lunch Supervision Fee $55/Student (full day students)
Family & School Association $25/Family
Technology/Book Fee $500/K-8th Grade Student
Technology/Consumables Fee $350/Preschool Student
Sacramental Fees $70/Student – First Communion
$80/Student – Confirmation
Graduation Fee (8th grade) $175/Student

Please note: The tuition rates shown represent the rates for a Participating Parishioner Family for the 2019-2020 school year.  Preschool and Kindergarten rates are the same for parishioners or non-parishioners and are not eligible for multiple child discounts. For information on rates for a family that is not a Participating Parishioner Family (1st – 8th Grades), please contact the school office.

A Participating Parishioner Family is a family who meets the following criteria:

  1. The family members are registered parishioners who regularly attend Mass.
  2. Family members regularly participate in parish and school activities.
  3. The family assists St. Raymond Parish financially through regular contributions to the parish totaling at least $800 per year with the following suggested milestones:
              July 1-September 30 – Minimum donation of $200.00
              October 1-December 31 – Minimum donation of $200.00
              January 1-March 31 – Minimum donation of $200.00
              April 1-June 30 – Minimum donation of $200.00
  4. The family has satisfied past financial obligations to St. Raymond School.

If you are not a Participating Parishioner Family or have tuition questions, please contact Nadine Scheller at 847-253-8555 or

2019-2020 Tuition Contract

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2019-2020 Early Childhood Hours and Tuition Rates

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The Reverend Robert J. Loftus Endowment and Scholarship Fund

The Reverend Robert J. Loftus Endowment and Scholarship Fund, an independent, tax exempt-501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1987 for the purpose of supporting Catholic education in St. Raymond School by providing: Scholarship grants for tuition and fees to families with a demonstrated financial need for such assistance; and grants and awards to school faculty members, in recognition of their commitment to Catholic education. With respect to scholarship grants, the Fund is here to help when families experience financial strains due to illness, unemployment, separation/divorce, large and unanticipated expenses or losses, or limited income. However, there is an expectation that parents accept some responsibility for the cost of educating their children. The Fund recognizes that this may entail some sacrifice but it is only through the cooperative efforts of the school parents, the Fund, and its benefactors that the Fund can remain viable for continued help to others in the future.

Requests for Scholarship Aid Application Forms should be directed to: The Reverend Robert J. Loftus Endowment and Scholarship Fund 300 Elmhurst Avenue Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 – 847-253-8600    All requests for financial aid, the information provided in the applications and the granting of awards are held in strict confidence. 1) All applicants shall be participating parishioners at St. Raymond Church for a minimum of six months. 2) All applicants shall be enrolled in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.